Name: Courtney Melynn..
Birthday: September 19..
Hometown: Texas


Color:Purple, Teal and Turquoise..

Bands: Maroon 5 and The Band Perry..

Drink: Dr. Pepper and Water..

Food: Steak and Baked Potatoes; and almost anything Chicken..

Super Hero: Batman..

Hobby: Arts & Crafts, Photography..♥

Sport: Baseball, Basketball..

Flower: Lilies, Daisies..

[Fifteen facts about yours truly;]
1. I love cherry cheesecake, its like the best ever..

2. I’m super crafty..

3. Baking is something I enjoy..

4. I want a Mini Cooper..

5. When I was little I used to want to be an Astronaut..

6. A Knight’s Tale is like one of my all time favorite movies..

7. Eyeliner is a must 😉

8. I want a pet monkey..

9. I wish I had a British accent..

10.  I love to read; like actual books.

11. I can’t sleep without my box fan..

12. My eyes are hazel..

13. Music speaks to me, it can get me through my worst-est days..

14. I love shoes..

15. My Grandma and My Mom mean the world to me..


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